Introducing : Silvia Travelcan

Well after months of hard work and many sleepless nights – Silvia is finally done!

When we first got her she was in need of some serious updates.  She needed to be brightened up…a lot.  What a transformation she has been through.

The vision for my design was to find my own style which consists of:  industrial + vintage + boho + eclectic + Native American.  A strong Masculine foundation with Feminine touches.

|  the finished Front  |

|  the finished Back  |

|  The Kitchen  | 

This area underwent major renovations, including:  a new counter – new sink – new faucet – new tile – new lighting – and powdered coated the Stove and Hood to give it a new color.

|  the finished Kitchen  |

|  The Dining Room  | 

Overall, this area got a brand new layout.  Our goal was to open this space up as much as possible – while still being realistic to our needs.  Travis made the tabletop, configured the layout of the table legs and made the bench.  We purchased the fabric and had the cushions upholstered.  And we bought Leonard – our Jackalope.

|  the finished Dining Room  |

|  The Hallway  | 

Nothing was changed in this area.  Silvia was constructed with good bones.  All of the cabinetry is made of solid wood with dove tailed drawers.  Paint was all it needed!  We added a privacy curtain and a pocket door to close off the kiddos bedroom.  The Electrical Panel was moved to a new location which freed up some well needed storage space.  Luckily we had spare drawers and cabinet doors to make it appear original.

|  the finished Hallway  |

|  The Kiddos Room  | 

Paint + Light Fixtures + new Mattresses + new Night Stand top + new Curtains
That was it!  Pretty simple but they sure love it!

|  the finished Kiddos Room  |

|  The Bathroom  | 

The Bathroom had the most work.  Funny because it is the smallest area in the trailer!  It is so small I could not photograph it well.  I had to shove myself in our closet to get the majority of the shots!  The renovations here were:  a new sink – new faucet – new tile on the back splash and the floor – new lighting – new toilet – new shower fixture – newly painted shower – and a custom built vanity & counter done by Travis.

|  the finished Bathroom  |

|  The Master Bed  | 

As you will see from the photos, originally Silvia had a front living area with a couch and chair.  For our family of 4 – that simply wouldn’t work for us.  So a new concept unfolded and when it was all finished, we ended up with a pretty nice setup.

The bed + side step was constructed by Travis.  We had a cabinet maker do the door faces and the 3 drawers – but Travis did everything else!  We had leftover flooring – so I had Travis add it to the step and the top of our bed.  My mom helped reupholster the fabric paneling on the top cabinets and do the dividing curtains to close off our area.

|  the finished Master Bed  |

|  the finishing touches  |

|  our family  |

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