There’s More?

Isn’t it interesting that as soon as you think you’ve gotten all the excess out, you find heaps more?  Truth is that at the beginning I considered this to be somewhat of any easy task.  I mean we’re just getting rid of stuff – how difficult could that be, right? It’s now to the point that I find myself cringing each time there are more items that come out of hiding.   There is a definite struggle to see any end whatsoever to this mess of ours.

“Where is it all coming from?”  “Why do we have this?”  “Where is this even from?” 

Can anyone else out there relate? I’ve made more trips to the Goodwill than I am willing to admit and still there is more.  How did it come to this?

Truck Load

I can honestly say that the “purging” has been easier for me than Travis.  In fact, I am positive that roughly 75% of what we are keeping is a combination of reloading equipment, hunting gear, his guns of course, and tools – tons and tons of tools!  In case you’re wondering what I am taking with us…my vintage bike.  Yep, a bike.

Yet every time I would glance at our keep pile, it seemed too large.  Wondering how we’re going to put all of this in our trailer?  That was when God gave me a kick of reality…we can’t fit it all.  So more had to go.  Easier said then done.  When you continue to peel back the layers of items – it’s the innermost layers that are the hardest to reason with and the easiest to find excuses for.  Funny how that explains the process of our walk with the Lord.

At the beginning of our downsizing, it was simple to not put much thought into what you were letting go of.  Lets be honest, some things just don’t matter.  But after time you find yourself struggling.  I fear I am to that point.  As silly as it may sound, I have had to pray numerous times that God would help me release this item.  That He would help me to see its true value aside from my emotional connection to it.  He has been more than faithful to do so.

Goodwill Pile LG

Today, just out of curiosity, I looked up the definition of “stuff.” Stuff, as an action, means:  to fill (a receptacle or space) tightly with something.  Yeah, I’d say that explains our situation perfectly.  But, thankfully, not for much longer. 

Well, I’m off to the Goodwill, again.

Less is more,



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