Paint Prep

Where to begin.

You know the rope used in tug-a-war?  The one that is pulled from one side to the other, vigorously?  Well, that’s how Travis and I feel.  Being pulled by the house on one side and the trailer on the other.  We’ve been trying to conquer both worlds, find time to give each other a hug and kiss, while still attempting to be a family and do the things that families do, such as spend quality time together.

The beginning of December is when we have decided to hit the road and say goodbye to Oklahoma.  However, we have not yet put our house on the market – we are still in need of homes for our dogs – we have two cars to sell and a whole lot of furniture + antiques that I wish would just go away.  And yes, I am aware it is the middle of October.

But this summer did not help.  The heat drove us indoors which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since we had to get the house ready anyways, but it kept us from working on Silvia.  Travis and I decided we would split the work; I’d stay and work on the house while he’d head over after work and focus on the trailer.  It was a great decision.  He’s been able to finish all the loose ends and use his man muscles to get everything out and loaded into the truck.  At home, I’ve continued to pack, make ads on Craigslist for all our stuff, take trips to the Goodwill and clean.  We are both going C-R-A-Z-Y.  Thank goodness Silvia is finally ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go clean something.

untitled shoot-008untitled shoot-002untitled shoot-005untitled shoot-009untitled shoot-013untitled shoot-014untitled shoot-015untitled shoot-016untitled shoot-021untitled shoot-025untitled shoot-027untitled shoot-030

Have questions about what we did?  Shoot us an email at :

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