Almost There

My Husband is truly incredible.

He finished our dining table + stained it.  He finished our dining bench + stained it.  And he completed the installation of the counter tops, sinks and the wood floor. The stove and fridge were installed.  It was starting to come together.

The tile in the bathroom I am in love with but the tile work in the kitchen was not what I had envisioned. God blessed us with a close neighbor that came and installed all of the tile work for the bathroom and the kitchen.  It was such a blessing.

Even though he had help with the tiles and hired a local cabinet maker to do the faces of our drawers and doors for our bed – Travis did everything else.

The one job that I continued to put off time and time again, was the task of applying the epoxy to our shower.  Originally the shower was a dark off white color.  Really tacky.  Since everything in the trailer was white – it only made sense that it should be white as well. We ended up buying the “Tough as Tile” spray on in hopes it would live up to its name.  After masking the bathroom off and prepping the shower, it was time to paint.  I could barely get through the first application.  In such a tiny bathroom the epoxy was getting in my eyes and was making it difficult to breathe.  Travis went in to finish my application and do the 2nd application.  When he came out he felt sick, lightheaded and dizzy…let’s just say he was a little high.  FYI – the “Tough as Tile” is not “Tough as Tile.”

I’m still in the process of finishing my dye projects and packing up the house – which seems to never end.  We have been working so much, getting little sleep that it has been a struggle keeping tabs on what day of the week it is. Now with less than a week left in the house I am beginning to experience more emotions on top of my already high stress level. I know that we are all looking forward to this season coming to a close.

I am so exhausted.  I think if I tried, I could fall asleep standing up.


Have questions about what we did?  Shoot us an email at :

Less is more,


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