A Visit from Mom

My Mother is simply wonderful.  And my Dad is wonderful for letting her come out from Washington State to help me sew a few things.

For as long as I can remember there has been a struggle to find what I am looking for when it comes to fashion or design.  But, if I happen to come across what I have been searching for it is usually completely out of my price range. Travis always jokes that my taste is expensive and I immediately argue back that it is not my fault that what I like tends to be expensive. As silly as it may seem, it gets exhausting when you can’t find what you’re looking for.  So, I decided plan B: Make it yourself.

We did place our house on the market a few weeks ago.  Man, were we nervous.  Travis and I had made a decision to list the house for $5,000 more than what our Realtor advised for the area.  However, if we didn’t, we’d be paying someone to buy our house.  But after only 2 days we had our first showing and on the 5th day, we got an offer.  Several counters later, we accepted with a closing date of December 3rd.  Words cannot begin to express my gratitude that God would allow this to happen as quickly as it did.  Plus, I’m really tired of our house having to remain meticulous at all times.

So now that the showings are done, we can get back to work.  With my mom here to sew it allowed me time to finish naturally dyeing our bedding and curtains for the trailer.  The pictures below are of my mom sewing the dividing curtains for Travis and my room.  The other photos are from black bean dyeing.

Travis was also busy at work.  He finished building the counter tops for our kitchen, our bathroom and the kiddos night stand.  Next, stain.

untitled shoot-010untitled shoot-009untitled shoot-013untitled shoot-012untitled shoot-001untitled shoot-002

Have questions about what we did?  Shoot us an email at : livinglessblog@gmail.com

Less is more,


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