After several paint gun malfunctions – Silvia is finally painted.

Since this was a one-man job, these pics were taken with Travis’ phone so I apologize for the crummy quality.  

Although masking off sections for this paint job was a pain, it wasn’t anything compared to the numbers of coats that some areas had to have.  We had to use Killz before applying the paint because the white paint was turning brown.  After the Killz, Travis went through with several coats done in Olympic Snow Storm (C30-2) satin.

We had originally removed and painted all of the cabinet doors at home, so you can see that some of them were installed.  The air conditioner cover, ceiling vents, heat vents and bathroom door were painted white.

I know what you are probably thinking.  Why would you paint your trailer white with two toddlers running around?  Good question.  My desire is to have the trailer feel as open as possible with as much light as possible.  Silvia is 7.5′ W x 34′ L which, after subtracting the unusable square footage, she is roughly 200 sq ft.  I wanted it to feel spacious – so I’ll take my chances even with two crazy kiddos running around.

It is truly astonishing what paint can do to alter the essence of a space.


Have questions about what we did?  Shoot us an email at : livinglessblog@gmail.com

Less is more,


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