Construction Phase

So we, meaning Travis, have accomplished a lot.  Although, scrolling down the pictures it may not look like we’ve made much progress.

Travis built our bed with a step and a slide out table. The bench for our dining table was put in while Travis made the table top at home. The overhead cabinet for the bathroom has new shelves added.  Travis completely disassembled the stove and we sent it off to get it powder coated a different color.

Travis replaced all the water lines including the water heater and water pump.  Furnace was replaced.  Electrical panel/battery charger was replaced and relocated. Monitor panel was replaced and rewired along with the solar battery charger controller. Travis has been very busy.  In my defense, as the designer of this project, when I’m not “designing,” I become the Project Manager. Today I was the supervisor/mother of our children and the supervisor of my husband.  And if you are wondering what I do as a supervisor – I say no, often.

BTW – since the kids were with us today, there may be more photos of them than of Silvia.

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Have questions about what we did?  Shoot us an email at :

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