Demo Stage : 1

Silvia is lookin’ a little different than the last time you saw her.  If you have not seen the original photos you can click here to check out that post.

Travis and I did struggle at the thought of our plan for Silvia.  She was in outstanding condition inside and out which made it difficult because we knew we had big plans to somewhat start fresh.  For those vintage enthusiasts out there…sorry.

This being our first initial demo, I’d say we have removed roughly 70-80% of the pieces we weren’t intending to keep. We took off all of the cabinet doors and drawers so we could refinish them at home. If you loved all of the beautiful plaid interior…at this point it is pretty much gone and no, it will not be returning:)

Travis took out all of the lighting fixtures – which seemed to never end.  We took down the curtains. I cannot begin to explain how many holes were left over after removing items from the walls. The dining area is now gone as well as the plaid chair and we started removing pieces off the floor.

Believe me, I know without a doubt each of us had similar moments of being overwhelmed even in the beginning.  We had no idea it was going to be this much work!  Wish I would’ve taken a picture of our garbage pile outside, oh well.


Have questions about what we did?  Shoot us an email at :

Less is more,


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