the Final Morning

I’ve never heard someone say God’s plans for our lives are easy.  For me, God’s plans may get more difficult but they can be easily overcome by the faith I choose to have in Him.

Personally, I don’t look at what God has laid before me as an “easy” task.  What God has brought me to see is how He slowly equips me for what is ahead and I need not fear what I am uncertain of – because, well, He is certain.

This particular morning, I had to chose to rest in the certainty of Him. There was no turning back – we were completely invested in our decision to live simplified, which meant to sell everything.  As I laid there, for the last time in our room and in our bed, I faded away.  In spite of all the excitement leading up to this point of this new adventure – I was scared out of my mind.  Thinking to myself, “what are we doing?” As I glanced around our room, all I saw was the emptiness. 

“Is this really happening?”

As we began sweeping throughout the house, packing and picking up what was left, the moment I had hoped for was not an option.  I anticipated having a day of minimal work with time to reflect and take in all the memories of this home. Amazing how business always seems to rob us of needed perspective and most importantly – giving God the praise He undoubtedly deserves.

One thing I know, God had blessed us with an absolutely beautiful home.


What beautiful moments we had in this home.  But our time with her is over.  As hard as it can be to move forward into what is unfamiliar – I am thankful to have hope in a God who leads.  He brought us here for a season and that season brought about new jobs, new friends, a new city and most importantly, the adoption of our two beautiful children.

When I take the time to look around, it would be easy to think that we would be better off staying here and continuing to live the same life that we had been.  But comfort will never replace the joy of knowing you are in the will of God.  He brought us to this point.  He consistently confirmed His plan for our family.  What other explanation do I need?

Silvia’s renovation is almost done and within a week we’ll be heading back to the North West to where Travis and I grew up.  Goodbyes are always difficult, but at least we have something exciting to look forward to.

Less is more,



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